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Financial Services for Participating Landlord

If you are a landlord who is already receiving a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) from the Housing Authority of the County of Riverside and want to:

  1. Update your address. Please complete the Owner Address Change Form. You may mail in the completed form to 5555 Arlington Ave., Riverside CA 92504 Attention: Financial Services. You may fax in the completed for to (951) 687-1650. You can also e-mail the completed form to . 
  2. Begin or change direct deposit of your check. Please complete the direct deposit form on the next page and send it by mail to: 5555 Arlington Ave., Riverside CA 92504. You can also fax the information to (951) 687-1650. If you have any questions about how to complete these forms, you may telephone Kyle Melton at (951) 343-5444. 

  3. Find out what happened to your payment. Begin by calling the housing specialist that is handling your tenant's file. (The name on the last letter you received from the Housing Authority). Make sure that the payment was made and that the file is still active. The Housing Specialist can help you find out what happened. If your check is lost in the mail it must be cancelled and reissued. This process takes at least 24 hours to do. To avoid lost checks, you are encouraged to use direct deposit. Please see #2 above. Remember all printed checks are mailed the first business day of each month. Allow enough time for the check to reach you through the U. S. Postal Service.

  4. If you wish to request a rent increase after the first year of your lease with your tenant. If you have a lease with a tenant who has a Housing Choice Voucher, you must give both the tenant and the Housing Authority a notice, in writing, 60 days prior to the increase. The rent amount requested must be determined by the Housing Authority to be reasonable in the current market. Send your request to the Housing Authority to the attention of the Housing Specialist that did the last inspection of your rental unit or who signed the last letter that you received advising of any rent changes.

       5.   If you wish to report a change in ownership or transfer or sale of a property 
rented through the Housing Choice Voucher Program (aka: Section 8) 
             download and print the form below.

             Ownership Change or Transfer or Sale of Rental Property

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